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Jointly initiated by the GSARA Cinema Workshop and the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles (CVB) Production Workshop, Conversation is a one-year residence based on correspondence between two artists. It is a support structure for the authors, focussed on the stakes of documentary cinema, how it is written and its variations.

Starting with the question: “What does it mean to make films?” this residence is an occasion for a series of questionings about the daily practices of two authors whose approaches merit exploration. The two participants are invited to listen to each other and to talk to each other about their different worlds, to exchange images, sounds, texts or any other means of conveying their particular relationship with reality.

After a first edition with the artists Olivier Dekegel and Emmanuel Van der Auwera, this new Conversation welcomes the filmmakers Nina de Vroome and Khristine Gillard.

The GSARA and the CVB offer the residents singular and original conditions in which to work, practise and experiment their approach to filmmaking: a time-space of one year, a fixed cash grant for the writing work, aid in terms of equipment, interest in and support for the creative process, a specific contribution in terms of communication, promotion and distribution.


A graduate of the KASK in Ghent, Nina de Vroome develops collaborations in the fields of directing, editing and sound recording. While the relationship we have with our near or distant environment is a recurrent theme in her directing, Nina also develops a “choreographed way of seeing”, which makes tangible the tension between reality and the effect that this has on the body and mind of the filmmaker as she films. Her last two films: “Een idee van de zee” (61' - 2016) and “Golven” (31' – 2013) are constructed using a subtle interlacing of the realistic point of view and poetic imagination.


Khristine Gillard is the co-founder, with Jen Debauche and Sébastien Koeppel, of the LABO workshop, an artisanal film laboratory for processing film. Her cinematic, photographic or installation modes of expression are connected to the notion of territory, as a geographical space or a mental one. From Brussels to Nicaragua, via the Camargue, the three documentaries she has directed: “Des hommes” (72' - 2008), “Miramen” (22' - 2011) and “Cochihza” (59' - 2013), each explore in their own way the relationship of a man or a woman to his or her territory and the way he or she inhabits it, transforms it, lives in and makes a living from it, creates habits, landmarks, and memories there.

Sophisticated aesthetics, particular attention to sound and to the evocative power of the image, consciousness of one’s own story and memory when facing reality, understanding of the myriad possible relationships between an individual and his or her territory… these are what Nina de Vroome and Khristine Gillard have in common and which form a fine platform on which to base their residence.

Conversation*2 - Upcoming public events:
September 2017, November 2017 at the Filmer à Tout Prix Festival