Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

The CVB was born in the upheavals of 1968. The project was clear: to seize an emerging technology – accessible video techniques - and offer it directly to those who didn’t have access to the right to speak in the new world of communication. The “VIDEOBUS” was born.

More than forty years later, it remains an every day challenge to maintain a space that offers freedom of creation in a world now called the “global village” which has been cynically reduced to its consumerist dimensions.

The will of the CVB is to work “with the people”, to help them expose buried or misrepresented words, to generate desire among artists, filmmakers and young authors to share their view “with the people”, allowing them to look and listen differently.

From video workshops to creative documentaries or educational tools, from production to filmmaking and promotion, the Brussels Video Centre has now built a strong identity based on proven practice that we unceasingly question in the light of new realities.