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CVB’s production studio/workshop enables screenwriter-directors, young and experienced alike, to put their documentary film projects into practice.

The art house documentary is not a news feature or an example of “objective information”. In contrast to these, the art house documentary leaves room for the subjectivity of the film makers, for their view on the world, how they relate to it and why they want to challenge it. It goes beneath the surface and insists that its form takes ever changing shapes.

Social, autobiographical, cultural, economic or political … the themes dealt with in these films cover a wide arena and focus, without exception, on observation of realities on the “local” ground.

Originality of treatment of form widely open to experimentation, individuality of subject matter and authenticity of approach are therefore at the heart of these creations, as they are central to the CVB project. A project that also takes account of the space-time required to construct a work, reflecting the evolution of the filmmaker’s vision.

Covering all processes from writing through to screening of the film, and including research into financing, location scouting, shooting and editing, a film “works project” involves especially close collaboration between the producer and the screenwriter, where content and form are considered in a relationship encompassing trust and exchange of views.

CVB assumes the roles of executive producer and unit production manager. Other forms of collaboration are however possible ranging from co-production to support equipment, and from one-off assistance to long-term partnerships.

Not wishing to increase the number of selection panels, the Production Workshop/Studio does not have a reading committee. Requests are therefore dealt with internally and in most cases must get through three decision stages before any firm, definitive commitment is made:

  • the decision to develop projects: screen(re)writing and location scouting
  • the decision to finance projects: expert appraisal of projects and search for financial partners (state and private)
  • the decision to guarantee effective completion of projects: starting production, location scouting and shooting, post-production, finishing and circulation

Procedure and contact

Do you have a film documentary project?

Cyril Bibas is your first point of contact. Send him a dossier containing:

  • a summary of the film proposal
  • a statement of intent
  • a Curriculum Vitae
  • the nature of your request (looking for a production structure, help with equipment, advice, etc.)


Cyril Bibas -
+32 (0)2 221 10 54

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