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CVB sees the objective of a video workshop as enabling people to take part in creating a film as part of a creative, critical learning approach. Our workshop processes give priority to learning via a film project by alternating oral and creative expression phases, screenwriting, manipulation and technical training, analysis, film construction, consideration of shooting sequences. The workshop thus becomes a place of dialogue, exchange and meeting. Each person brings to it his or her own resources and know-how and contributes these to a common project.

Our intervention mechanism is for the most part based around freely selected subjects and a wide variety of approaches: individual or collective, short or long term, with homogeneous or more mixed groups. Animators-filmmakers come from backgrounds as diverse as schools of cinema, schools of sociology, videomaker environments or the world of plastic arts.

We work in close cooperation with community-based initiatives (in health, education and training, and youth sectors, initiatives to help young people and social welfare initiatives, etc.).

Procedure and contacts

Do you want to get a video workshop underway?

Martine Depauw and Louise Labib are your first points of contact. Send them a dossier containing:

  • A statement of intent
  • A Curriculum Vitae for the organisation
  • The nature of your request (looking for a production structure, help with equipment, advice, etc.).


Martine Depauw -
+32 (0)2 221 10 61

Louise Labib -
+32 (0)2 221 10 55

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