Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles


September 2015 – September 2019

Six associations from Belgium (1), France (2), Italy (3), Germany (4), Netherlands (5) and Portugal (6) all active in social and cultural fields, have decided to contribute their experiences, their networks, their skills and their resources to provide opportunities to young European audiences - belonging to so-called "disadvantaged" environment - to be part of the cultural life.

The goal of this project is to socially and economically encourage marginalized young people to develop their appetite for culture. Our six associations strongly believe that artistic practices leads to another behavior when approaching new cultures or choosing free-time activities. Practicing is experimenting inside and thus being active when time comes to choose.

YEAD is therefore based on giving young people opportunities to create, mainly in video.

Artists in each country lead the creative workshops which end after a year on one or several video creations conceived and shot by the young people and tackling issues like identity, cultural democracy and cultural diversity.

Before workshops start, well-established professionals of the cultural sector (museums, cinema, music, fine arts, theater, street art, etc) meet young people and artists along several days to question the missing links between cultural places and the reality of the audience today. These professionals are of course the first addressees of the final creations.

YEAD intends :

  1. To broaden audiences for culture and the arts, by encouraging young people to play an active part in shaping European culture.
  2. To enable professionals from the cultural sector to develop a common frame of reference with disadvantaged audiences with a thematic focus on identity, democracy and cultural diversity.
  3. To allow young creators from partner countries to work on new cultural forms and contents, through workshops and bilateral exchanges.
  4. To build a network of partners who wish to defend a true cultural democracy in Europe


Louise Labib - YEAD Coordination - +32 (0)2 221 10 55