Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

The CVB has great interest in the web broadcast channel and the potential it offers in terms of story telling.

In 2012, a first experiment was held at the request of the Social Security FPS (Federal Public Service). The FPS wanted to inform the Belgians about the historic achievements of social security, the dangers it faces in a more and more liberalised Europe and the responsible attention that its survival requires. To clarify this broad topic, the CVB has conceived and produced 10 thematic films for the website “Full Social Jacket”.

In 2013, the CVB took charge of the promotion of 29 citizens’ agendas aiming to beautify the city. To do so, the CVB designed a navigation system between different uses and perceptions of the urban world for the Secretariat at the Brussels Town Planning department: breathing, sharing, living, creating … which resulted in several 10 minute movies published online at

The CVB is also working in close collaboration with Brussels Studies, the e-journal for academic research on Brussels.

In the coming years, we will continue to ensure that the use of the Internet remains a creative and educational contribution to our projects. This first criterion determines our constant curiosity to explore new ways of telling stories and new technologies.