Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

ATELIERS URBAINS (Urban Workshops)

The city is the ideal place for learning to live together. In a metropolis as socially and culturally mixed as Brussels, relationships between the diverse social groups living there are not always harmonious, or equal in terms of emancipation and economic well-being. Brussels is a fragmented city and a large share of its population increasingly endures phenomena of exclusion and discrimination.

The Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles (Brussels Video Center) has taken on the task of combatting social exclusion and improving conditions for living together by organizing collective and participative audiovisual projects.

The Urban Workshops is a collection of works, initiated in 2010, made with inhabitants of Brussels, in the form of films, exhibitions, diaries...

The paths the Urban Workshops explore are the history and memory of the city, the public space as a common good. They consult with the inhabitants about their knowledge and perceptions of urban developments, preceding, accompanying or inciting debate about social dualization and the transformations of the city in order that its inhabitants take ownership of the stakes.

Groups form, from all walks of life, and set out on an adventure that will last several months. Week after week, they examine the stakes linked to this territory to determine a topic, a point of view. They learn elements of cinematographic language and use them to their own ends.

ATELIERS URBAINS (Urban Workshops)

  • Support a creative approach by developing critical thinking and reflections about the city;
  • Promote gender, generational and social background diversity through the meeting of different groups;
  • Help participants to acquire new knowledge;
  • Propose a collective work and the sharing of knowledge and know-how;
  • Teach the basics of cinema through theoretical and technical approaches;
  • Create audio-visual works that carry singular points of view, with high quality content and form;
  • Develop educational tools in order to feed discussions of researchers, urban planners and study groups…

ATELIERS URBAINS (Urban Workshops)
# 2010 > 2017

  1. FLAGEY | Ixelles | more about the film
  2. LE GRAND NORD (The Great North) | Northern areas | more about the film
  3. BXXL | Pianofabriek – Saint-Gilles | exhibition
  4. DÉMÉNAGEMENT (Relocation) | PointCulture - Brussels City | exhibition
  5. PRISONS | Saint-Gilles and Haren | see the movie
  6. BANC PUBLIC, TU PEUX T’ASSEOIR DESSUS !( Benches, you can sit on them!) | The street furniture newspaper | free, ask for it!
  7. PATCHWORK | Anderlecht | more about the film
  8. 65 RUE BRUNFAUT, ÇA IRA MIEUX DEMAIN (65 rue Brunfaut, in will get better tomorrow) | Molenbeek | more about the film
  9. GOUJONS 59/63 | Anderlecht | more about the film
  10. BROLLEVOET | Brussels City / Piétonnier | more about the film
  11. DANS LA PLACE | Anderlecht | more about the film
  12. LE PARTI DU RÊVE DE LOGEMENT | Molenbeek | more about the film
  13. NUIT ET JOUR À SAINT-GÉRY | Brussels City | more about the film
  14. JEU DE LOI | Brussels City | more about the film