Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

In 2009, the CVB initiated the Urban Workshops project in different areas
of the Brussels Region.

The city is the ideal place for learning to live together. But in a metropolitan city like Brussels, with such a high degree of social and cultural integration, one does not only observe successful emancipation of the various social groups or the realisation of their economic well-being. It is rather unanimously recognized that Brussels is a socially fractured city and that a large part of its population suffers increasing cases of exclusion and discrimination.

It is precisely with the view of combating social exclusion that the CVB has for many years initiated audio-visual projects. These projects take the form of video workshops, mainly for popular audiences.

The Urban Workshops are a great example of recurrent initiatives since their creation.

From 2009 to 2014, Axel Claes and Gwenaël Brëes have managed the Urban Workshops in collaboration with PTTL (Plus tôt Te Laat). Today, Mustapha Abatane, supervising filmmaker at the CVB, continues the work in the same spirit of lifelong education with the same artistic approach.

The objectives of the Urban Workshops are the following:

  • Support a creative approach by developing critical thinking and reflections about the city;
  • Promote gender, generational and social background diversity through the meeting of different groups;
  • Help participants to acquire new knowledge;
  • Propose a collective work and the sharing of knowledge and know-how;
  • Teach the basics of cinema through theoretical and technical approaches;
  • Create audio-visual works that carry singular points of view, with high quality content and form;
  • Develop educational tools in order to feed discussions of researchers, urban planners and study groups…

Visit our blog, you will find information on:
the project, the process and the methodology of the workshops (participants, forms, timing, crossing between workshops, who films who?, editing, broadcasting, …), mind maps, thematic, neighbourhoods, photos, video- trailer, cover articles…

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