Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

The DVDs on sale are intended for two types of audience and usage:

  1. They are intended either for individuals, and thus for STRICTLY PRIVATE USE, in other words for restricted showing in a family environment.
  2. Or they are for INSTITUTIONAL USE, reserved, as this phrase implies, for organisations and institutions wishing to use them as awareness raising or training tools within their organisation. The latter use allows:
    • consultation and individual loan for private use
    • individual or group viewings (restricted audience), which are free of charge, always in the context of the organisation concerned.

Without prior written authorisation, any other use (in particular, the following list not being considered exhaustive: full or partial reproduction, on any medium whatsoever, hire, loan, exchange, export, public circulation, full or partial, broadcasting, whether free of charge or paying, extraction of DVD files or bypassing their protection measures, placing or making available for download on the Internet) is strictly prohibited, on pain of legal proceedings in application of copyright law. Authorisation requests may be addressed to CVB.

We certify that your data will never be sold or hired to third parties for commercial purposes.