Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

From youth centres to psychiatric units,
from art schools to prisons,
video workshops are held in diverse locations in our towns and cities.
Documentary or fiction,
without regard for classic codes of expression,
unknown directors create their films on these various sites.
The Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles has launched its “Caméra au poing” project to bring these urban “video labs” out of obscurity.

The Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles introduced “Caméra au poing” (Camera in Hand) evenings in 2004 thereby breaking new ground in the screening of workshop-based films. Production has been prolific but nevertheless many of these films are only very rarely shown outside the environments in which they are made.

Our goal is therefore to unearth these films, unveil them and look at how to bring them out into the open, as well as at their social justification and their place in the art of cinema.

DVD compilations are available for purchase (see catalogue)

Programmes of previous editions (PDF - FR)